About Us

About Us/Company Information

Our Mission:

Our mission is to meld best of breed technical products and services together to provide comprehensive business solutions for our customers.

About Us:

The BETT Group is an assemblage of persons and concerns that have come together under a single management umbrella with the purpose of providing best of breed technical solutions to private, public, non-profit and charitable organizations.

We are not your normal technology company trying to sell everybody a specific product. Instead, we support a wide variety of disciplines and provide comprehensive solutions to everyday business problems. We do this through a combination of in-house talent and outsourced expertise from well established firms and individuals with whom we have formed relationships.

How we are organized:

The BETT Group is organized into various technical teams, each supporting a specific specialty. Project efforts are coordinated by one or more members of the management team so that cohesive, efficient solutions are produced.

Our principals make up the management team; a group of professional people, each distinguished in their respective fields by being able to successfully apply technological solutions to their various disciplines. They provide the glue that unites the work of the various teams into customized, unified solutions.