Data Warehouse and Reporting

Data Warehouse/Reporting

Data Warehouse

The function of a data warehouse is to take raw data from operational or transactional systems and coalesce, categorize and summarize it in order to provide meaningful information to decision makers. When coupled with an optimized reporting infrastructure and effective client reporting tools the overall system provides a powerful mechanism to identify trends, isolate problems and the like.

The solutions that the Bett Group provides are robust, highly responsive, interactive and efficient. Some profound features of systems that various team members have installed include:
  • Browser based ad-hoc reporting system
  • Automatically generated canned reports distributed by email
  • OLAP cubes allowing user defined analysis by category and measure
  • Drill down from summary information to detail data
  • Excel spreadsheet pivot table integration
  • Data transformation, cleansing and summarization processing
Systems the data warehouse team specializes in are:
        IBM Cognos Systems Cognos solutions are designed to help you make smarter decisions and manage performance for optimized business results. Combine your financial and operational data into a single, seamless source of information in the environment of your choice for transparent and timely reporting, analysis and action.
Microsoft Reporting Services SQL Server 2012 Reporting is a comprehensive, highly scalable solution that enables real-time decision making across the enterprise by enabling the creation, management and delivery reports for pixel-perfect printing, interactive web viewing, and ad hoc data exploration.
Microsoft Analysis Services SQL Server 2012 helps enable organizations to build comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytic solutions that deliver actionable insights. Allowing organizations to address a wide spectrum of Business Intelligence requirements with the number one analytics engine in the world.
Crystal Reports SAP Crystal solutions deliver powerful capabilities for ad hoc query, reporting, and analysis. So you can gain secure, reliable access to the data you need to make the right decisions.